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Waterside Holiday Accommodation in Australia.

Most of Australia's favourite Holiday destinations share one thing in common...the water !

The Beaches, Rivers and Lakes of Australia all provide the perfect playground for visitors from both within and abroad and www.watersideholidays.com.au bring all these together in one spot for you.

You don't need to know exactly where you want to go, just what sort of holiday you would like ! Would you like to spend it on a beach, a river or a maybe a wilderness highland lake somewhere.


Lifestyle Choice for your Holiday...

All Holiday properties that come in to watersideholidays whether from Tourism bodies, Property managers and agents or direct from the Operators and Hosts themselves, get categorised by our unique lifestyle algorythm and this gives you the opportunity to then select your holiday accommodation by the type of water playgorund you would like to spend it near !

Beach / Ocean

Maybe you would like to stay on or near the beach. Go fishing, surfing or just play in the sand with the kids!

Marina/ Canal

Hear the yachts rigging tinker as you lie in bed. Take strolls along the boardwalk and dine overlooking the fishing boats mooring.


We may be the driest continenet but we still have some mighty rivers flowing through it! Australia's river systems have a special flavour and the river shack is a integral part of our holiday culture.


Just off the top of our heads we can think of the highland lakes of Tasmania, the best wild brown trout fishery in the world ...should we say more?