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Established early in 2010,  Watersidepropertysales.com.au and the new watersideholidays.com.au  target a specific niche area with Australia's real estate and holiday rental market and know that once you have the saltwater in your blood, the stillness of your favourite mounatin lake in your mind or the river running through your veins, it's there to stay.

Our visitors know what they want they want to live and holiday by the water and thats why they browse for their real estate and holiday options with us.

Before the launch of this new site Watersidepropertytsales.com.au was recieiving 16 000 visits, accessing around 250 -300 thousand pages. We will be consderably increasing this over the summer of 2011/2012, and beyond.


Video Advertising

A number of Video advertisement opportunites and placements are available throughout watersidepropertysales.com.au and watersideholidays.com.au.

We can tailor a package to suit you and your budget. Ads can be placed in different sections, regions, with a range of SOV and in combination with your static banner ads.

You will find our rates very competetive!



Contact us on +61 (03) 6334 5822 and we will design a marketing package for you in watersidepropertysales and watersideholidays.com.au.




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