Waterside Property Sales

Terms of Use for Real Estate Agent Listings

1. Who can list properties and realestate on www.watersidepropertysales.com.au

This site has been prepared for the free use by registered Australian Real Estate Agents for the purpose of digitally advertising the listing of their client’s properties, real estate and businesses for sale or rental.
Real estate and properties advertised by Real Estate Agents, on this site must be in accordance with the wishes of the owner/vendor and be supported by a current agency agreement held at the Real Estate Agent’s office.

2. What properties and real estate can be listed on www.watersidepropertysales.com.au

All properties, real estate and businesses that have a waterside aspect may be listed. We define “waterside aspect as any property or business which has direct water access to beaches, lakes, rivers, harbours, ports, canals, marinas or any other natural or man-made water feature or which has a view of any of the aforesaid water features, or is in close vicinity to any of the aforementioned water features."

For example residences and businesses which clearly can be advertised as "walking distance to the beach, river, lake etc and generally any coastal real estate."

Although this list is not exhaustive the following categories of properties can be advertised:

  • Residences
  • Vacant land
  • Commercial building and vacant land
  • Retail buildings
  • Leasehold businesses
  • Marina sites
  • Long or short term rentals (excluding holiday rentals)
  • Real estate projects (completed or off the plan)
  • Subdivisions

3. How many properties and real estate may an Agent list on www.watersidepropertysales.com.au

Each agent may list as many as would qualify under the definitions above, provided that each property/real estate listing has a separate address. However, it would not be prudent to list every unit in say a 50 unit development, as individual listings, rather listing as units of differing size within that development, to show differential in size and or price, would be acceptable.

4. Listing images on www.watersidepropertysales.com.au

Agents may list up to 26 photo images including floor plans for sale properties and up to 26 photo images including floor plans for rental properties. All images must fit the specifications set out in our agent up-load form.

To maintain the quality of our web site a minimum of three images must be listed for each real estate property/business advertised.

5. Can an Agent advertise their logo or web site on www.watersidepropertysales.com.au

An agent will not be permitted to create a link to their own web site with each property listing. Our web site is designed to accept all properties within a region or suburb that enables qualified buyers to inspect the property types that caused them to enter our site.

However an agent may advertise their business and create a link to their own site or office for the purpose of gaining a market advantage for their agency in their region or suburb. We have provided some dedicated ad spaces to enable this advertising.

Agents LOGO and web link will also be permitted on purchase of a Feature Property.

6. What is not acceptable on www.watersidepropertysales.com.au

  • Misleading or deceptive advertising
  • Information defaming or discrediting another person or business
  • Listing without the approval of a vendor
  • False or incorrect street names or suburbs or post codes. www.watersidepropertysales.co.au is dependent on google maps and Australia post to properly present the listings to potential buyers and it is critical that correct information is provided to enable the search process to take the buyer to your property.
  • It is inappropriate to display material that may infringe on the intellectual property rights of others
  • It is inappropriate to display material that might be considered offensive, obscene, menacing or abusive.
  • Nothing can be displayed that may violate any law, regulation, standard, content requirement or code by any authority or industry body associated with Real Estate Agents.

Any breach of above policy may result in the administrator of www.watersidepropertysales.com.au taking action to remedy.

Watersidepropertysales.com.au reserves the right to amend these terms of use at any time. Any amendment will be notified by post on the site or through our news letter to registered users.