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                             My Listing Help Page


My Listing is a unique feature of WatersidePropertysales.acom.au and watersideholidays.com.au that allows you to upload a listing for residential sale, residential Rental, Commercial or a holiday rental property or tourist activity and view your progress as you build it!

Listings go live after paying through PayPal, where you will be taken to the actual listing details as it sits on the site.

Here are some more explanations and information of each field that needs to be filled out in order to create a great listing.

Remember you must go to My Waterside once a month to refresh your listing and keep it active. It will stay on as long as you want to, as long as you do this. An email will be sent to you before it comes off the site to remind you.


Your address will be recognised by Google Maps and be displayed on the left, when saved, for you to check the accuracy.

Our system converts your address to longitude and latitude coordinates for Google, sends them off and Google Maps places it in the right position.

If you type in the address and Google cannot recognise i.e. a street spelt wrong or a number misplaced, we will put it in the suburb you entered, and if you misspelt the suburb it will be placed in the middle of the post code region.


Actual price is used in our search list sorts and is not displayed, ever.  It will help your listings appear in an approximate order of price in highest to lowest or vice versa results. You can put whatever you like but it must be in numbers i.e $ 300,000

Displayed Price is the price or pricing conditions you want shown. You can type whatever you like i.e. Offers Accepted, P.O.A, 2 Million, $2,000,000...

Property Type and Lifestyle Category 

Choose the property that matches your property form the drop down box.

Tick the category that best describes you waterside lifestyle category. You may tick more than one. Remember if its waterfront, select that as well.

Our automatic Lifestyle categorizer also runs through all the listings a few times a day to make sure we pick any other categories we find from your descriptions.

Contact Details

Make sure your contact details are correct, we will send you an email to confirm after you have paid with these details.  You can change the details at any time through your My Waterside Profile.

These details will be used as your My Profile details as well. Here you can also add a logo if you wish which will replace the generic one we will use as your listing goes live.


Restrict this to a short phrase that “grabs” attention to your listing. This will be shown on the listing and the details page.





Here you sell your benefits to buying and living in this property. Remember we also have a features section below that you can use to list your property's features.  The first couple of lines will be used on the listing, so give them impact!   


Remember we also have a features section below that you can use to list your properties features, however you may also list them here, maybe in a little more detail and with the benefits of each if you wish.


Remember that users of this site are niche visitors, here because of our positioning in the market place, being a site for places on or near the water, so promote your water/coastal lifestyle in your description.

Porperty's Features

Please display as a minimum, Bedrooms and Bathrooms!

You use the drop down boxes or just simply tick as required.  

You can enter as many features as you like and if they are not here type them in “Other”.

Video Embed

This is for a video of your property if you have one, this is the future!

Copy and paste the link from the embed code you find from the host of your video (YouTube, Vimeo, daily motion etc) it will look something like this-


Copy the bit like you see above in blue...


 and paste it in the space provided on the My Listing uploader! 


Floor Plans

Your floor plan will be displayed separately to the right of your images on the property details page.

Floor plans should be an image file, and will be treated as such, albeit given a special area, separate from your other pictures so users can see the plan whilst viewing the photos.

There is provision for two floor plans. These can be block, lot or building plans too if desired.


Your details page can take 26 pictures! Makes sure you load your main display picture first and the second one for the next most important. Your basic listing will contain two photos.

Each photo is saved individually to make sure there are no time out issues with your interent connection.

Handy Hint- if you have a two shot panorama put the left one in for the first image and the right one in as the second one.

Payment and Activation 

Your payment and activation button will be made available to you at the top and the bottom of this uploader when there is sufficient information for us to create your listing! (However you can add as more if you like – up to 26 photos, unlimited description text, floor plans, features, video...)

You will taken to PayPal secure payments where you can pay with your PayPal account or by credit card.

On receipt and confirmation of payment, you will recive an email from both PayPal and watersidepropertysales.com.au confirming this and you will be taken to your new listing.


Further editing 

You can re-edit your listing at anytime. Just login to My Waterside and select the listing from the My Property List and you will be bought back to original uploader you first put your property details and pictures into.Here you can start making any changes you would like for as long as possible.