Waterside Property Sales

What is www.watersidepropertysales.com.au 

It is an internet advertising medium to optimize the selling and renting potential of Australian real estate and Holiday accommodations, properties and businesses that are ON or NEAR the water or have waterviews. Australian real estate agents may advertise their basic residential, commercial and business property listings (excluding holiday rentals) for FREE.

Why is www.watersidepropertysales.com.au needed in the internet market-place.

The concept of niche marketing for this sector became evident when our research found it a difficult and complicated exercise to access properties for sale or rent in the waterside areas of Australia.

Our research also found that agents were being frustrated by the ever increasing costs to advertise through established digital media and the plethora of new sites being established also requesting fees to list properties.
Another observation in our research was the inordinate number of steps required to actually locate a suitable waterside property, through most portals or even real estate agent own sites.

We also discovered that a substantial number of searchers were entering words related to waterside, beachfront, waterfront etc and not finding a site dedicated to these categories of property.

So what has www.watersidepropertysales.com.au done about addressing these needs.

www.watersidepropertysales.com.au has been developed to address the deficiency in the market place for the cost and presentation and of all categories of property and business for sale or rent in geographic areas classed as having a waterside aspect and to make them more easily and quickly accessible to those buyers and renters that want these properties.

Importantly we have listened to Real Estate agents and will be allowing all listings for Real Estate Agents, of real estate property and businesses for sale or rent,(excluding holiday rentals) to be showcased for FREE.

We have produced a site that is simple and fast and informative with innovative optional features that will enhance sale-ability of advertised properties. Vendors will be kept in the loop on buyer interest and buyers will find our navigation system clear, functional and fast.


Who is www.watersidepropertysales.com.au

Waterside Property Sales Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company establish by the Andrews and Del Vecchio families for the purpose of providing a quality internet advertising medium for a niche market in property and businesses for sale, rent or lease situated on or near water or waterfront property with waterviews, on mainland Australia, Tasmania and Islands surrounding our continent.

Victor Paul Del Vecchio, managing director, has had 10 years experience as a senior executive in one of Australia’s major finance corporations. He is a graduate of the Melbourne University Business School of which he holds membership. Vic is married with four children and currently lives on a Marina development at Launceston Tasmania.

Kostas Andrews, director, is a graduate in Economics from The University of Adelaide. He was admitted as a CPA associate in 1980 and later in 1990 as a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Kostas is married with two children and lives on the waterfront in South Australia.

Andrew Del Vecchio, agent business development manager, founded and operated Tasmania’s premier backpacker tourism venture, The Under Down Under Tour Company. Andrew has been instrumental in the development of www.watersidepropertysales.com.au business model. He has interests as an independent film-maker and has lived in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania.