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  59  63 Thuringowa Drive KIRWAN QLD 4817

Lot 31 CPEP 841837 with adjacent rear blocks 2-6 Lannark Street, Kirwan, Townsville. Lots 50, 51, 52 on CP T118594. (One Large Parcel of Land) Directly across the road from the Thuringowa Council building, including the Library, also across from the Kirwan State High School. This block has 3 street frontages, Thuringowa Drive, Hudson Street and Lannark Street. Thuringowa Drive is a main Road. Area of Land is 4102 SQ Metres, zoned Commercial 5 in City Centre Frame, and Traditional Residential. The first photo is taken from Thuringowa Drive, looking across to the block with the vehicles parked on it. The second photo is taken further along Thuringowa Drive, looking back across the block with the Kirwan State High in the background. The third photo is looking straight onto the block from Thuringowa Drive. The Fourth is looking down Hudson Street, with the block on the left and the school on the right, at the roundabout. The fifth is the New Classrooms, with the block just visible on the left, and the last photo is taken across the block, back up Thuringowa Drive, looking across to the new Classrooms of the School. Contact us now for more information or to arrange for an inspection.

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